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The past several days have been filled with wondrous and blissful moments spent at the cottage. 

The cottage. 

Nestled far away from the daily, chaotic city life that’s seemingly another world entirely.  A desolate place that doesn’t feel like loneliness, but rather one that brings peace and a sense of spiritual cleansing.  A rejuvenation of sorts that reminds you how beautiful the world can be when surrounded by its natural wonders.  The fresh air, pure of any city pollution that makes the night-time sky a beauty to behold with all its shiny white freckles; the indescribable smell of the forest and the innumerable sounds of nature that bring a smile to my face; gathering around the fire pit on a chilly night with smores on hand and good friends to share a laugh with.  It really does feel like you’re living in serenity and being a part of nothing short of a miracle.  

I wanted to share these sentiments with you, along with some pictures to support my adoration for the cottage life.  See you soon!

Welcome to the wild

Paddle Time!

Paddle Time!

Fire Pit And The Night Sky

Just Gorgeous


I’ve just discovered this wonderful, quaint, charming village called Giethoorn – known as the Venice of Holland.  Practically all transport, with the exception of a bike trail, is done by water throughout one of its many canals.  Seeing the beautiful pictures is enough to convince me that this is a must see place before I die so I had to share.  Has anyone been?  If so, tell me about it!

Me, in Florence!

Have you ever visited a place and had an overwhelming feeling like you’ve been there before?  A feeling like you fit in, like you belong; a second home.  The air, streets and scenery are unequivocally and inexplicably familiar.  It isn’t déjà-vu, which seems to last for mere seconds — this feeling I’m talking about remains and lingers.  Maybe you could say this was home in another lifetime, if you believe in that type of stuff.

I visited various parts of Italy a few years back, and Florence (or Firenze as the locals call it) hit me with that very feeling — even though I had never been to any part of Europe.  Florence is a modern, busy city, but still has the charming feel of a true renaissance era boasting with impressive architecture that serves to remind you that this is a place full of history.  Surrounded by the beautiful Tuscany hills and medieval towns, exploration is a must.  All of it beautiful and all of it felt strangely familiar.

Am I crazy or have any of you had a similar experience?  A home away from home, even though you’d never step foot on that land before?

I have yet to return, but I know I must — I’m feeling “homesick” for a place I’ve never called home.