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Me, in Florence!

Have you ever visited a place and had an overwhelming feeling like you’ve been there before?  A feeling like you fit in, like you belong; a second home.  The air, streets and scenery are unequivocally and inexplicably familiar.  It isn’t déjà-vu, which seems to last for mere seconds — this feeling I’m talking about remains and lingers.  Maybe you could say this was home in another lifetime, if you believe in that type of stuff.

I visited various parts of Italy a few years back, and Florence (or Firenze as the locals call it) hit me with that very feeling — even though I had never been to any part of Europe.  Florence is a modern, busy city, but still has the charming feel of a true renaissance era boasting with impressive architecture that serves to remind you that this is a place full of history.  Surrounded by the beautiful Tuscany hills and medieval towns, exploration is a must.  All of it beautiful and all of it felt strangely familiar.

Am I crazy or have any of you had a similar experience?  A home away from home, even though you’d never step foot on that land before?

I have yet to return, but I know I must — I’m feeling “homesick” for a place I’ve never called home.