Love Is In The Air

Posted: April 11, 2011 in About Me
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After feeling like I’ve hibernated all winter, April brings me a sense of rejuvenation.  The year is still young and I’m excited for the months ahead; spring fever has definitely infected me yet again.

The snow has melted, the showers are falling and the flowers are starting to raise their pretty little heads to the welcoming breeze.  The smell of damp earth, combined with the unmistakable scent of spring brings a smile to my face.  And love, love is definitely in the air.

I don’t know what it is about spring, maybe the beautiful weather or just something in our biological clock that makes our hearts skip a beat and overwhelm us with romantic notions.  People –couples specifically– are in better moods and it shows; lovers holding hands as they take walks in the park; some enjoying a romantic picnic amongst a scenic field of daisies; others gazing into each others eyes as they share a cold drink at the patio-bar.  It’s as if a fresh start has been made and whatever problems they might have had, seems to have gotten lost in the beauty of it all.

My girlfriend and I have been dating just over a year – this will be our second spring together.  When a new spell arrives, I get to thinking about seasons past…nostalgia and reminiscent feelings, you could say.  I am a melancholic person by nature, after all.  The lady in my life has given me some fond memories in our short time together, and I’m thrilled at the thought of having yet another unforgettable season with her.  What else can I say, except that I’m madly in love with her — and spring! 🙂


  1. WelshBoon says:

    The second picture is really amazing!! How did you get that done? I totally agree with Spring being a really exciting time, it’s really sunny now and just that can brighten a day! Me and my girlfriend are going to enjoy it once she has finished her work today, a week off, wooo!! 🙂

  2. Hey WelshBoon!

    Thanks for commenting. I used a free picture program I downloaded online (similar to photoshop, just not as many features). The name of the program escapes my mind right now and I’m not at home to check it out, but there are plenty online that you may find useful.

    Thanks for the subscription! 🙂

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