A Tribute To Toronto

Posted: April 10, 2011 in About Me
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Toronto is a wonderful city I have the privilege of calling home.  That wasn’t always the case though.  I was born in a war-torn, third world country (El Salvador), that is still, to this day, struggling to rise from the depths of poverty and crime; although the civil war came to an end years ago, the effects of it are ever-present in the corrupt governments and never-ending violence.

Even though I was only 7 when I left –maybe too young to grasp the real gravity of the situation—I remember clearly, the gunfire, explosion, screams, and tears…the horrible soundtrack of war.

But this isn’t really a post about the calamities and misfortunes of my homeland.  Maybe I will tell you more about that another time.

This post is more about being appreciative and grateful of the life this country –this city— has given me – especially after experiencing, albeit only for a short time, living in the midst of disaster and unrest.  I wanted to tell you why I feel proud of calling this wonderful place, home; a tribute to Toronto.

Toronto is a city boasting with diversity and a multicultural population that makes it all that more beautiful.  You can’t find a greater indication of this than in the various neighbourhoods, and districts that encompass it; enjoy some of the finest Greek food and festivities by taking a stroll on the Danforth; authentic and delicious Chinese food, along with cheap prices for practically anything (herbs, fruits, accessories, shoes), awaits you at Chinatown on Spadina Ave; venture into Little Italy if you’re in the mood for a cappuccino and expect a warm welcome from the vocal and friendly crowd; The Annex is a trendy and eccentric area lined up with beautiful Victorian style houses, for your viewing pleasure; if you love shopping and like to keep up with the latest trends, head over to the fashion district on Queen St. and “shop til you drop”; if you like the lavish lifestyle and want the fine dining experience, head over to the upscale Yorkville area and don’t be surprised if you bump into a celebrity or two.  And that’s hardly scratching the surface of the various districts you can choose from.

Along with the assorted cultural flavour, the performing arts are abundant in the Toronto scene — on par with the likes of New York and San Francisco.  Choose from one of the many ballets, operas and theatre shows being offered on a daily basis.  Musicals are one of my guilty pleasures; I’ve seen “The Phantom Of The Opera”, “Grease”, “The Secret Gardern” and “Wicked”, to name a few.

Truly, you can’t praise the city without acknowledging the inhabitants.  The people of Toronto are, for the most part, amicable and easy-going.  Don’t be scared to give a smile or a friendly hello because you are likely to be reciprocated.  I guess the myth about Canadians being overly friendly isn’t a lie, EH?  Also, much like any country, we are very patriotic; the hockey arena is always full with enthusiastic Torontonians cheering for our team, even though they never win.

Of course the city isn’t perfect and just like everywhere else, there are a few bad apples that ruin the utopia for the rest.  However, the good qualities outweigh the bad, without a doubt.  There is a feeling of safety and comfort that people from other parts of the world have never felt – a privilege and right that everyone should be entitled to.

The experiences I’ve had, the friends I’ve made and the lessons I’ve learned from growing up here are invaluable.  I wouldn’t trade them for anything.  I remain a faithful Torontonian until the end.

  1. momfog says:

    Cappuccino, Victorian houses, and a night at the theater? I might have to hop on the next flight out. Surely the kids and the hubby can fend for themselves a few days?

    A girl can dream.

  2. But of course! Even full time mommies need a break from time to time!

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