Another Manic Monday-Just Relax

Posted: April 4, 2011 in Tips
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If you’re like me and almost everyone I know, you loathe these dreaded Mondays. The beginning of the work week is filled with what seems like a 9-5, non-stop, extended rush hour. People are on the move, dealing with their affairs in a manner that would indicate a pending crisis of some sort. Unhappy faces looking for that first cup of coffee — the magic potion. Money and work, work, work on the mind; showers of bills pouring down and no umbrella to avoid the onslaught lead to worrisome thoughts, and not much else.

Yes, the work-force is varied and some have it harder than others, but with the rate of stress and depression –they usually coincide– so high in this day and age, it doesn’t hurt to take a breather, stop, and smell the roses, no matter what field you find yourself in.

I too, am guilty of the pouty, long-faced look on a manic Monday, which may not be a good approach, seeing as my job is heavy on client and customer relations.  Truthfully, I don’t want to find myself feeling like a mental breakdown is looming on the horizon(nor do I want anymore gray hairs); I make it a prerogative to find ways of Releasing steam, Reducing stress and Relaxing the mind and body — call it my triple R.  Release, reduce and relax.

Anyway, without getting too preachy, I wanted to share a few short tips to help you avoid the suffocating feeling that accompanies all of us during busy work days and weeks, in hopes that they are of some use to you:

  • Read a book! Enrich your mind and engross yourself in literature!
  • Do a crossword puzzle. This one is particularly suitable for a lunch break on a hectic day at the office.
  • Exercise. The endorphins you get out of a good workout do wonders for relieving stress.
  • Make the most of your days off! I value my weekends off and usually plan them with enjoyable activities to do with friends, family and loved ones. In other words, don’t hit the snooze button and sleep the day away.
  • Start a blog or journal. Writing has been proven to be a healthy outlet for venting and releasing your thoughts and feelings.

After all, I did type this while at work — on a manic Monday!

See you soon!


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