Because 140 Characters Just Isn’t Enough

Posted: April 3, 2011 in About Me
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A couple of days ago, while talking to a close friend, I let him know that the blogging craze had infected me and I was/am in the process of setting up an epic page.  It’s going to be a great site, I said, not entirely believing it.  “What are you going to blog about?  I hope you choose a specific topic, otherwise stick to Twitter updates”, is what he said.  I was quick to tell him what I’ve already mentioned in this very blog; the topics I plan to write about are limitless and assorted.  A true bag of potpourri that anyone and everyone can find some sort of enjoyment in.  At the risk of having a “Captain Obvious” moment, the name of the blog is, “The Art Of Variety” – “variety” being the key word.  I can’t apologize for having a range of interests that run longer than the Great Wall Of China and I don’t feel guilty for wanting to share them with you.

I realize I may be breaking some sort of unofficial cardinal blog rule in doing this, and making the process of getting a loyal following all that more difficult.  I got to thinking of the advantages and disadvantages of starting a general blog as opposed to a “niche” blog.  However, I’m not going to bore you by listing them here because I’m almost certain many of you fellow bloggers have at one point or another, done your research on the matter.  I just want to clarify that while I have decided to write about a mixture of topics, I do plan to visit recurrent, specific themes.  My previous blog-post was on a book review, which is one of the many topics I will be writing about throughout my blogging experience.  So, if you’ve enjoyed reading my review on “The Kite Runner”, I suggest you bookmark this page because I will be doing many more book reviews/critiques in the time to come.

And yes, I do have a Twitter account (thanks again “Captain Obvious”).  I was never really much of a fan –I used to think it was useless—until last summer, when I decided to join and I realized that it has its benefits: great way to keep up with the news, research tool, networking and self-promotion amongst others.  The short story of it all is, with so many wonderful (and not so wonderful) things to talk about and discuss, Twitter is not the best outlet for letting ALL of it pour out; 140 characters just isn’t enough.


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